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juice cleanse

Juice cleanse allows your digestive system to rest. In order for your body to absorb nutrients it first must get rid of toxins. GROOV Café’sjuice cleanse focuses on natural cleansing foods, such as spiralina, blue green algae, MSM, cayenne pepper, and other phyto nutrients and super foods such as young fresh coconut, acai, raw cacao and hemp protein. It is a jump start to healthy eating and will encourage you to make healthy choices. You will feel satisfied and nourished throughout the time you are juicing.

Come inside and see the atmosphere at GROOV Café speaks for itself. Educated, healthy clientele, we practice what we preach and do it at a reasonable price. Start now, feel great sooner! Call to schedule your cleanse today. A juice cleanse can be done as desired, 1 day every month for example or a 3 day or 5 day is recommended seasonally depending on your nutritional goals and constitution. Please check with your doctor if there are any health concerns and let us know in advance of any allergies.

Instructions for 3 day Cleanse

  • There are 5 items per day to be spaced out as you get hungry and all items are marked from 1 to 5
  • Take #1 in the am when you first get up. This is called the Morning Cleanse and is made with E3Live Renew Me mixed with lemon and a light juice combination.
  • #2 is your breakfast juice and this varies daily
  • #3 is your smoothie to be taken for lunch and this varies daily
  • For dinner #4 is the Green Juice along with a soup combination, hot in the winter and a raw soup in summer months.
  • Drink water as needed as well as Green Tea or Herbal Teas.