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Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm

Our Food

We all know the saying, “You are what you eat!” What we eat actually becomes our bodies and minds. GROOV Cafe is a cafe dedicated to bringing you healthy choices when it comes to nutrition. We offer fresh juice combinations, all natural smoothies, hot and raw soups, scrumptious salads, super gnarly roll-up selections (wraps), vegetarian lunches and vegan treats and more.

Our menu consists of a variety of juices from tasty combinations of vegetables such as carrot, apple, pear and ginger to our very popular all green juice made from nutritious phytonutrient rich sources of green vegetables. The smoothies are made with a fresh juice or dairy free base, a wide assortment of frozen fruits-NO ICE. Our regular smoothies and super smoothies are blended to perfection.

Super smoothies begin with a base of banana which regulates blood pressure, and then we add highly nutritious options such as Acai, Cacao, Maca, Hemp Protein or Blue Green Algae and are usually made with coconut water. These are great for meal replacements or supplementing your regular diet and will leave you feeling satisfied and healthy all day.

At GROOV Cafe you can experience and experiment with healthy nutritional choices that will leave you feeling great all day. For a dose of nature’s gold, add a shot of wheatgrass for your complete protein, a great supply of roughage, and your daily dose B vitamins. This addition to juice helps strengthen your immune system and increase energy. Wheatgrass contains nutrients in the simplest form that are easily absorbed into the body. It’s a liquid vitamin for optimum health. It is the perfect food for dieters, athletes, yogis or anyone who wants to stay healthy and feel great.